Last updated: 24 Feb 2016

Ganagame pays attention to your personal data. Please read our Privacy Policy, in order to be aware of what type of information we collect, how we use/store/transfer it. Your use of the application signifies your agreement with our Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Policy may be amended from time to time. You are invited to look at this page periodically. Your continued use of the application will signify your acceptance of the changes.

The game may be served on the third parties platform, so your activity on the game may sometimes be ruled by the third parties Privacy Policy and not ours.

This Privacy Policy is governed by and incorporated by reference into the Terms of use, and should be interpreted consistent therewith.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at:



First of all, the main aim of collecting personal data is to help us improve our games

First, we collect Personal Information. By Personal Information, we mean data that identify you, such as name, address, telephone number, email, etc. We will not ask for all these data, but we may need some extra Personal Information for payment.

You: You may want to share information with us. In that case, we may use the information you voluntarily give to us. We will not collect any personal data, except name and email.

Your Contacts: We offer you the ability to locate, invite, and play games with your contacts. To do so, we may request access to your address book or social networking accounts. We will ask you for your permission before we access and store your contacts.

Facebook: When you access the Game through Facebook, we may receive your basic account information (user ID, name, email, gender, birthday, current city, profile picture URL, and the user IDs of the user’s friends who have also connected with your application) from Facebook. Please note again, that we abide by Facebook rules that manage the use of personal data.

Third Parties: We may call upon the services of third parties that may collect information about you. In that case, they may share these data with us, according to their own Privacy Policies. Please note that this Privacy Policy applies only for Ganagame, and that we are not responsible for Privacy Policies of other sites.

Technical Information: When you use our applications or our website on your devices, such as a phone, tablet or computer. We may collect information regarding your devices, including your mobile unique device identifiers, Apple Advertising Identifier (IDFA) and Internet Protocol (IP) address. We may also collect the name you have designated for your device, the device type, the country from which you connect, the device Language, the referring and exit URLs, the number of clicks, etc.

Usage Information: We also collect non-Personal Information. By non-Personal Information, we mean data that cannot identify you. Non-Personal Information can be linked to the game (score, length of playing, activities, …)

Generated Content: We may use generated user content. This is the content you can publish through the game and that is visible by everyone (posts wall, sent messages, actions with other players,…). Please note, that if you post Personal Information on things like comment or wall, we cannot guarantee the protection of your information. So, be careful of the content you publish on public domain. We cannot guarantee the use of this information.

We and our third parties may use cookies in your browser. Cookies are small file texts stored in your hard drive, that identify you as unique user and that contain non-Personal Information, such as information about a particular login session. Those Cookies help us to improve the service, to know how many visitors came and how they interact with the game. They are also used to remember the site personal look. Note that you can disable cookies, thanks to the parameters of your browser. This can prevent you from accessing the game, or having all functions.

We and our third parties may use data file in your device. Data file are a small serialized file with not sensitive personal or non-personal information such as game score, game inventory, pseudonym, picture profile etc… Please note that this Privacy Policy applies only for Ganagame, and that we are not responsible for Privacy Policies of third parties.

Special Note about Children:
The game does not directly target Children under 13. According to Facebook Terms of Use, Children under 13 are not allowed to access Facebook Site.
We do not collect information about Children under 13. In the event that such information was collect, we will delete this information as possible. You can contact us at:
We strongly recommend that Children between 13 and 18 ask their parents before sending any private information.




Again, the aim of harvesting data is the improvement of our game.

We use the collected information to improve the quality of our game. We use the statistics that we have, thanks to your Personal and non-Personal Information, to establish profiles of our gamers. Like that, the game evolves in the best way to fit with people’s wishes. In fact, it helps us to understand who plays the most and why and to adapt the game to provide the content people really like to view.

We may use those informations for many purpose:

For the game experience improvement:
-To create your account or provide a login service with many login services provider, which allows you to play our games and communicate with other Ganagame’s games users;
-To identify and suggest connections with other Ganagame’s games users or to send invitations on your behalf to your social networking friends or contacts in your address book;
-To share generated content and best score with other Ganagame’s games users or other contacts;
-To provide you a customized or personalized experience;
-To suggest game contest events participation;

For the technical support:
-To provide you with technical support or to respond to your questions or comments;

For the advertising:
-To suggest other Ganagame games
-To provide you with relevant and targeted or direct advertising from Ganagame or third parties;

For the notification:
-To send you e-mails with useful updates or promotions about our Applications and other products and services;
-To send you notifications (email, push, remote, or local) on your device to provide you with useful information about our Applications and other products and services (If you do not want to receive further notifications from us, you can opt out at any time.)

For legal purposes:
-for example to enforce our Terms or to prevent fraud or other illegal activities;

To be comply with legal process:
We may disclose or access data about you if the law requires it (subpoena, court order, …) or if we have a good faith belief that it will avoid liability or fraud or to comply with legal process. This includes sharing data with companies or governments. Ganagame does not have to question such governmental process.




We use means as secure as possible to protect your data. We use third service backend to store your data in the cloud.

However, while we strive to protect your Personal Information, no transmission on the Internet or electronic storage is 100% secure. Any information you share is at your own risk. We disclaim liability for any unauthorized access or damage into any data.

You can also terminate at any time your account and ask for a complete delete of the data we have recorded about you. Please contact us at:




We may post links to others sites or use third parties services on our game. We are not responsible for their activities and the way they use information. Please read their own privacy policies.

The content of the site may be served or hosted by other web sites. In this case again, the web sites have their own privacy policies.

The content of third parties services may be served or hosted by other server. In this case again, the third parties services their own privacy policies.




If you have any question, feel free to contact us at: